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12 years ago

Report: Sale [Item Summary] - Sort items by custom list entries

At the moment, you can generate a Item [Sales Summary] report and user the filter option to only show items assigned to a custom list.


If you select your "Custom List" to be displayed as a column in in the report, you are then given the option to Sort By your "Custom List" using the "SORT" button at the top of the window.


Unfortunately, i've been informed by support that this Sort method does nothing.


I am able to select it, but it changes nothing.  The report still orders the list of items in alphabetical order.


Can this be fixed? It seems strange to have an option available when it doesn't actually work.


I've attached a screenshot of the sort window with my Custom List 1 - "Item Type" being selected.. but much to my disapointment - not working.


"Sort Item [Sales Summary] Report by "Custom List""