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3 years ago

Report: Sales [Activity Detail] - Include Activity Slip ID


it would be really helpful if i could follow the path of the activity slip (not the time version) all teh way through to the invoice that is generated.


i do an activity report and it shows that they are not billed, yet when i go to the customer it has an invoice .......

as i am unable to get a report that has the link that joins them both - being the activity slip ID - i am unable to work out what has gone wrong.





"Sales report that has the invoice and the activity slip ID"


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    Hi fionafordyce , version 19 provided this information via the ODBC driver, but sadly the API does not. So even developers can't help you. 

  • thanks for coming back to me Mike.

    is there a way to track and invoice back to find the source of the informatiom that created that invoice? as in which activity slip became the invoice?


  • ho hum:-( very weird that there isnt a transaction audit trial to follow. however  that's how it goes.