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7 years ago

Report: Sales [Item Detail] - Show email address

I have been trying to do an item report which includes Item Transactions ie sales of specific range of products and need to include Customer name, address and phone number plus email address.

You cannot include email address as one of the fields I tried to put custom feild but this applies only to the item

not the specific customer card.

MYOB was very helpful and suggested Accounting add ons but I found this difficult to download.

I eventually realised you could put the email address under either notes (but because I have notes in some customers files) decided then to put email address in Contact Feild. And have changed my Contact to the Salutation Feild.

I can now produce a report which includes the email address but I have had to copy and paste the email on hundreds of customers very time consuming. With email being the modern way to communicate it would very helpful to have email address as one of the columns you can add in the insert/modify show/hide feilds.

'Item Transactions Report"


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