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9 years ago

Report: Trial Balance - Multiple period

Please make the trial balance report able to provide multiple periods like the profit/loss and balance sheet reports.  At the moment I have to run a separate report for every period, export to excel and combine in a spreadsheet. 

Also, please put the "Include account numbers" as a check box next to "Include zero balances".  This is available in V19.


'Trial Balance report for multiple periods"


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    Please provide a multiple period trial balance report option.  It could show YTD figure, positive for Debit value and negative for Credit value, with July to June running across the page.

    Please please please please please!

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      100% agree - this would make reporting to excel much easier

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    Hi All,


    I wonder why MYOB doesn't a have a simple multiple period trial balance report.  Xero, Quickbooks, Reckon and other products have it in one way or another. As an accountant, I am mostly using trial balances and movements between TB accounts when working with clients files. MYOB TB reports are unchanged from about version 11 (that is about 15 year old). A simple table with periods in X axis and GL accounts on Y axis, with positive number meaning DR and negative CR would be most helpful. The lack of this report is one of the reasons I rarely recommend MYOB these days to my clients - it takes me more time to process MYOB clients than Xero exactly because of absense of this report.

  • MYOB, 


    Can you give an update if this will become available? Would be a very useful report.