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11 years ago

Reports: Ability to run Analysis reports easier (like Analysis button)

Please, please could we have back the quick drop down reports which were on the bottom right of the screen in 19.5.

They were so easy and quick to get very quick reports. I'm sure that this must have been asked before.


"'Analysis reports"


  • Bring back the button where you could analysis you Profit & Loss Receivables and Bills. it was in V19.

  • Status changed:
    The analysis reports are a great part of v19. Thanks for suggesting that these should come back.
  • Excellent idea, as a long time user of MYOB some of the older version had faster functions than newer version do. The one you refer to now pre-loads all the reports when really you only want to look at one (say debtors). Gets my vote.

  • I NEED THE ANALYSIS BUTTON BACK!!! It was my go to on a daily basis