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12 years ago

Reports: Activity - Non-Chargeable Hours

I am looking for a report on MYOB that gives me the hours spent on a project when the project has non-chargeable hours included in the timesheets.  The current report doesn't include the project number or name when reporting on non-chargeable hours, this information is only displayed for the chargeable hours.


At the moment we have to go back through the timesheet and look for the project based on the dates the hours came up against.


Over 50% of our projects are on fixed lump sum fees so the number of hours spent are not directly billed.   To keep this seperate in MYOB we have been entering this time as non-chargeable so that the programme does not think it needs to bill a certain number of hours when it comes to invoicing.   We still need to assess the number of hours spent against the fixed fee so that we can see the profitability of the project since the primary expense of the business is employees hours.


"Timesheet Reporting for Projects with Non-Chargeable Hours'


  • I have not needed to do what you are saying above, so I can not speak first hand, but it seems like a reasonable request - i.e. "project costing 101".

  • Any update on this?

    We need this for the same use - surely this is quite a standard request?


    The reports always show the hours / employee for these non-chargeable activities, but the job name / no. is just hidden / not displayed...

  • Hi IN_Trethowan

    Thank you for your enquiry relating to this idea. 

    We are still investigating this idea and encourage clients to vote and comment for this idea if required. We unfortunately do not have an update in regards to when we may see this idea implemented. However in saying that It has been passed onto the team to investigate along with your feedback.

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    I would definitely be interested in this report. I don't understand why the limitation is there in the first place. Why have an activity if you can't track it/report on it. Not all activities are billed out to customers. 


    Any update or MYOB taking this issue seriously would be greatly appreciate.

  • Is there any update on this one, as I would like to see MYOB do the same thing?

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    Hi, is there any chance of MYOB ever making this report? It would be handy for my reporting as well.

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    We use timebilling (chargeable hours) for our labour hire clients which works very well. We would like to use timebilling for our quoted jobs for the reporting features & tracking labour cost based on activities. However the activity slips need to be deleted as we don't use them for invoicing.  We also use time billing for payroll so that means you can't delete it when its been used on timesheets.  It complicates the payroll if the person doing the pays doesn't understand if its a labour hire job or a quoted job where the  activity and customer column needs to be left blank which avoids the requirement to delete the slip.  A few more options would be good or a quicker way to delete bulk activity slips. Narelle

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    We want to track nonchargable hours in order to review systems and practices.  The reporting feature would be highly valuable.

    I'd also like to separate the hours of time billing from the quantity of a product in the table column of the invoice form.

    It would also be great to have the capacity to have the job number as a stand alone outside of the table on the invoice form.  We don't need the job number repeated on every line.  We just need to see it once. Just like you see the invoice number once.