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12 years ago

Reports: Default to date last used

When doing month end, I often think it would be so much easier if the report dates all defaulted to the EOM dates I was preparing.  This made me think, it would be really good if in the Preferences area, there was field that was the default date range for your reports e.g.. 01/09/2012 to 30/09/12 (say just under where it asks about locking periods etc).  Then all reports would default to use this data range.  You could change this date once EOM was started/completed, almost like a semi-month end rollover feature! (including locking of periods automatically!). 


I think this would definitely save time getting reports to screen and automate locking periods. Does this interest anyone?


"Semi-month end roll over procedure"


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  • Status changed:
    Hi ASWatCR, AccountRight Live currently caters for this as it will remember the last date range used. For example, as soon as you change the date range to September 1/9/12 - 30/9/12 in one report then any subsequent report you run while your company file is open will automatically default to 1/9/12 - 30/9/12