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9 years ago

Reports: Item Location Summary - Date

Item Location Summary By Date.

This report would be enable item location summary to be done at a specific date including back dated reports.


"Item Location Summary By Date"



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    AR Premier espouses multi-location functionality.  Yet there are only 3 or 4 reports that enable you to filter by Location and none of the register reports enable you to insert the Location field.  Also there are NO enquiry options (eg, in the Item Register) that enable you to view or filter by Location.


    As a business that holds stock in all the major cities in Australia, every time we have a stocktake at one location we want to investigate the differences by looking at the transactions.  But there is no enquiry or report to assist us with this and instead we are stuck with viewing ALL the transactions and having to drill-down to each one to see the location.  Is there a plan to develop anything regarding this?  I note there have been multiple posts about this issue over the last 2 years and given the Location field is already there it would make sense to round-off the claim of multi-location functionality by making this possible in reports and enquiries.


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      Hi there.

      Appreciate you reaching out to us here on the forum.

      This particular area of support is specifically for our MYOB API, which may in some way be able to provide somewhat of a solution for you by providing an add-on to improve nventory functionality for you.

      Other than that there isn't any official word on this area being updated in the short term but we have been making cmany changes to the software recently, I will move this post to a more relevant AccountRight Inventory section.

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