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Reports: Job - Report on Balance Sheet (Asset, Liability, Equity) accounts

Submitted on behalf of Taxcorp P/L - Stephen Browning


Reports wish list - Can you develop job reports for assets or liabilities? It currently only reports on income and expenses. A lot of people also wish to use this reporting function for assets and liabilities.



"Job report for assets and liabilities"




  • Status changed:
    Maybe later

    It's a good suggestion that would expand the ways you can use the Jobs feature. However, as it is today, the feature is designed to track and report profit and loss for work performed (usually for customers). We understand many use the Jobs feature in other ways (such as departmental reporting) and so expanding reporting to include balance sheet items would be a logical enhancement. Departmental tracking is something we're considering for the future. If we do, we'd like to deliver a dedicated reporting features for departments.


    It's also worth noting that as we expand the function of our AccountRight API, more addon tools will be available to meet your specific needs. We recommend keeping an eye out for these in our MYOB addon store:

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    This would be really great does anyone know of any add on's that can do this easily?

  • I also use a lot of job feature as my departmental cost. When this future will be able to report on assets and liabilites. how about my accounts receivable for some particular Job (service), I cannot not report on it. 

  • HI John_W and MYOB team,


    today is March 2017, I am still waiting for Job feature to be able to report on assets and liabilities.

  • Hi Michell_Feitosa

    At this stage we don't have any immediate plans to investigate adding the job reports for assets and liability accounts.. Therefore this particular idea has been marked accordingly as ‘Maybe Later’ . This is something that we may revisit in the future but are will not be actively considering at the moment.

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    Hello Stephen RoyChan


    You are already able to get ajobs reports on Balance Sheet accounts. Simply tick the box to include them.

    Cheers David

  • PLease open the report to include ALL accounts not just PL items thanks 

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    I see this was posted in 2013!  And yet we are still waiting on it.  We just had a "job" that was an IT Implementation.  I wanted to track all expenses in their relative groupings (Hardware, software, implementation costs) and then run reports to track progress against what they'd promised.  However, because the hardware are Assets I can't get a full costing for this.  I have to run two separate reports and join them together in Excel.  


    Come one MYOB.  When your community asks for something as simple as this, surely you can implement.  Pretty sure I could have written the code for this myself by now.