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10 years ago

Reports: Selecting report filters by line no tick boxes

Is it possible that we can just click on the line (eg the account name) rather than having to click into small little boxes to filter reporting? It is so much more time consuming  and requires mpore precsion to have to click into a small box rather than clicking on the line of the account or job etc you want to filter in a report. This seems only to be the case in the reporting function, everywhere else in AR Live 2015.1, you can chose the line.


All previous versions of MYOB (excluding AR Live), you click on the line in the reporting functio. Why have you changed this. It is definitely not for the better using tick boxes. Bookkeepers need to be fast as well as precise. It is so painfully and slows the process down.


If you need further clarification on this, please contact me.


"Selecting Report filters by line not tick boxes"



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    Instead of having to click on the actual tick box, I would like to be able to click anywhere on the line which would automatically tick the box.  In AccountRight Live, the only place you can tick the line is in Bank Reconciliations.

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    Hi Ironwood 

    Thank you for the idea in regards to AccountRight and reporting.

    Just to clarify your idea, when you go to Reports>>Select to display a report>> Select filters tab and then in the refinements section pick a refine i.e. Accounts. You would like the ability to select a line rather than just the tick box?

    In other words, in this window click to the line will also tick the box?

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    Yes, this process is a lot less user friendly than in good old v19.


    I would like to add though that after you have clicked on the drop down arrow to bring up the List you then have to click in the Search field up the top then you type the account number then you have to click in the tick box then you have to click the OK button, and then of course Refresh the report.  That is 5 mouse click steps. Even more annoying is that if you happen to hit the enter key after you have typed in the account number it cancels your search and you have to start all over again.


    In v19 you click Customise then type in the Account number then hit the Enter key. That is 1 mouse click at the most, you don't even have to use the mouse to select customise, you can use the keyboard if you wish.


    So at least 4 more mouse clicks in the new version in the Reports section, which adds up to a lot of extra time.  In Find Transaction it is a lot more user friendly, similar to v19.


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    Why is this post still sitting at clarification needed, there is more than enough information here for MYOB to see what the frustration is?


    There are other posts similar to this talking about the need now to use the mouse in the newer versions instead of the keyboard which was much quicker.

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    Hi Ironwood


    I would encourage other users that you would like to see the ability to select accounts by the account line rather than the tickbox to vote and comment if required for this idea.


  • Hi TraceyR

    Thank you for your feedback and comments in regards to this idea

    We were waiting for the original poster ( Ironwood ) to provide additional information/clarify the idea to make sure the idea was clear for other users and to pass on to the relevant team before marking it as Under Consideration. However based on the information provided I have updated that status and encourage other users to vote and comment if required for this idea.

  • Hi Steve,


    Yes correct - in reference to your post 090315.


    It would make sense to have the same format as when you choose accounts / cards etc in Find transactions or any other drop down menu within MYOB transactional centre.




    drop down.docx

  • Hi Ironwood

    Thank you for confirming that information. As mentioned previously I have marked the idea as Under Consideration and encourage other users to vote and comment if required for this idea.