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Sales: Ability to edit a prompt payment discount credit note before recording



We have recently started using prompt payment discount for our customers.  I have noticed that when they pay on time and are allowed the discount it calculates correctly and when I click record on the payment it says that it will create ## new credit notes.  When it does this it gives them the next default invoice number.  I have asked in the forum to see if there was a way to change the invoice number given to the discount to just be "DISCOUNT" but was advised this is not possible and it will always use the next sequential invoice number.


Currently I have to manually go into every discount invoice and change the invoice number to read "DISCOUNT" as we invoice from a hard copy invoice / delivery docket book and then I use that book to enter the sales into MYOB.  We use the invoice number from the invoice book for ease of tracking but every time we enter the discount I have to go in and change it... very tedious.


It would be great if we had the option to edit the credit note or "negative invoices" before recording them but we only have the option to automatically record and then it only lets you print now or print later there is nothing about editing.  It means that I have to always say print later then go into the sales register, pull up the customer account, find the closed credits, open them all individually which takes forever and then edit each invoice number and order number, click print, wait for ever for the program to catch up and then send to printer and then close and repeat.... for hundreds of credits.  It is very time consuming and if we happen to get distracted while doing them with another task etc. then it is easily forgotten and when entering the next lot of actual customer stock invoices all the numbers are out of sync and we have to go back and edit twice as many items.


Can we possibly have a button added to where it says print now or print later to say edit that will then bring up a screen with a list of the credits just recorded so we are able to click on each one to edit them and then once finished editing we click close or back or something like that and it goes back to the print now or print later selection?  That would be an ideal solution if it isn't possible to change the invoice number for prompt payment discount to be an auto number.  


I will keep my fingers crossed that we might see this in a future version.




Jo Johnson


"Ability to edit a prompt payment discount credit note before recording"

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    Thanks for your suggestion Jo_0212 . Anyone who would like to be able to edit credit notes generated by a discount on the receive payment screen before the credit note is recorded, please cast your vote here.