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9 years ago

Sales: Ability to enter quotes when a customer is on credit hold

Currently credit hold is applied to all sales based transactions for a particular customer; quotes, orders and invoices. The workaround to this is: take the customer off credit hold, record the quote and then reapply that credit hold.

In practice for us this is not workable as we may be quoting for jobs in the distant future & the customer may be only overdue on their account short-term.  I would like to see the ability to enter a quote when the customer is on credit hold. Perhaps a warning could appear & then it would be up to the user to continue or not.  THIS IS JUST FOR QUOTES.


Alternatively, there could be a master setting that allows administrators to flag. Quotes may be entered with a warning if the customer is on credit hold or the option that they cannot.  This may then cater to a broad range of business models.

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  • I thoroughly agree that quotes should be allowed even though the customer is on credit hold.  A quote does not mean that you have any inventory beiing despatched and it is not a sale, possible potential sale - only when the customer is not in arrears. Absolute inconvenience when you (or staff) have to remove off credit hold to quote and hopefully remember to put the credit hold back on afterwards.