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10 years ago

Sales: Ability to set and rename own fields

Alot of what i read when I've been searching for help on customising invoices relates to being able to customise the fieds of our invoices. I'm refering to the actual invoice template where we enter the sale. Can it please be concidered to allow us to create new collums in the invoice table, or blank ones that we can "Name" appropriate for our business needs.. This would enable new staff and existing staff to prevent errors and make sure all relevent data is entered and nothing missed. This information would need to be a field so it could be printed on invoices.


Example: currently for an item sale we have


Ship, back order, item, description, price. discount, total, job, tax


my business would be heaps smoother if i could add fields like


1.  Senders Ref No,

2.  Receivers Ref No.

3.  Wool Brand

4.  freight payable by 

5.  order purchase No.

 (although there is a space for this its not enterable on every line for multiple transactions with different numbers so this is useless for me at the moment)


Currently I do use other fields to enter some of this info...under the labels like "comments" & "Salesperson"

but its clumbersom to teach people. I know the info can be wrote in the desciption but how easy would it make our life if we could just tab along and enter the right info and it appeared neat and formatted on the invoice.


Is it possible that this may be intoduced one day....soon?   seeing there are people asking all the time how to add their custom info?


or is it never gonna happen thing ?


 "create & rename my own field on invoices"












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    Hi TMc


    Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and invoicing.

    Currently you can only bring through information that is listed on the Sales>>Enter Sales window onto the customise form (there are some exceptions). I would encourage other users that would like the ability to add in their own custom field to the printed invoice to vote and comment if required for this idea.

    Please note that the Enter Sales window used is not based off the invoice customise form so additional fields would need to be added to the Enter Sales window to allow for this to occur.

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    Yes, custom fields would be incredibly useful for most of us I think. I would use this to enter freight tracking/con-note number and customer contact name. When we customise an invoice format, we have the option to add custom fields 1, 2 & 3, but I can't see how to enter data in this when I produce an invoice, so these fields stay blank. Any help anyone?

  • Hi Selby

    The Custom Fields that you can add to the customise form are pulled from the Customer's Card. This values are always the same for the customer for each invoice. You can add in the values to these fields via the Card File>>Cards Lists>>Select the Customer's card>>Select the Card Details tab and enter in the value in the relevant Custom Field box.

    For more information into Custom Fields please see Help Article: Custom Card fields

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    OK so that probably doesn't help for my application... since I'm hardly going to be sending 1 customer his goods on the same consignment note number every time. 

    I was really after some way of entering this data from the invoicing screen.

  • Hi Selby


    Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea.

    Custom fields are based on values you select on the card not values that can be selected in the Enter Sales window. Currently if you did want to use a field like that you would need to use one of the available fields on the Enter Sales window i.e Comments. Ship Via, Referral source... and add that field to the customise form.

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    Totally agree with TMc's request to be able to edit or add new columns in the Invoice Forms to customise it for our therapy service needs, so will be voting for this request.

  • Hi, I am also wanting to advise customers of freight tracking/con-note number, at the the time of invoice but as I also use the Comments>Ship Via>  ship date >Referral source..., there is no other field that can be used.( As referral source is used when reporting on different clients)

    We then have to send a seperate email with the customers shipping>  Freight/Tracking note number etc which is VERY time consuming if you are sending out 10-20 per day.

    It just doubles our job we are trying to save time doing.

    Hope you can help.


  • I agreee with Sandygmd, we send sometimes hundreds of unique/cash sale invoices a day and want to integrate with starship courier tracking. All we need to do to complete this is have 1 extra/custom field on the invoice form we can use for adding the customer's email address. All our other fields are in use. Surely this is easily possible. If you want your software to be able to sync with other add on software you need to make it more customisable.



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    Totally agree - at least one custom invoice "header" field would be fantastic.  I've seen a number of posts in the community forum for this in relation to be able to enter Courier tracking details for the invoice, but as the originator of this idea has posted, a custom field (searchable, reportable) or fields could be used for many individual purposes and would be a fairly easy option, but a great value add for users.