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12 years ago

Sales: Ability to use two different date formats i.e American date format for clients overseas

have clients both in australia and the US.  Our US clients record their date format with MM/DD/YYYY but in Australia its DD/MM/YYYY.  Currently it seems the only way to set up dates for MYOB is through windows, but as we deal with multiple countries/currencies, we need to be able to customise our forms (invoices) to be formatted individually in their own way.  Is there some way to do this just through MYOB?  As I do not wish to change any of my computer settings to US.  Thank you.

A response from MYOB states there is no current solution within MYOB to deal with this, but I would like to suggest that MYOB look into this option for the future, especially as you are able to deal with multiple currencies.


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    We use the multi-currency functionality of MYOB and do business with overseas companies.


    The default date format of  "d/mm/yy" causes confusion when the date is e.g. 2 Mar 2013. This is displayed as "2/03/13". There is no way of indicating to someone that we do NOT mean "3 Feb 2013".

    When I change the default Australian/English short date format in Windows to "d mmm yyyy" this incorrectly appears as "2 03 2013" on all documents and reports in MYOB. Strangely the modified date format is correctly displayed in Windows but not MYOB. MYOB support has said to post this here.


    Clear and unambiguous dates are vital to ensure payment dates are met.

  • Hi JustinRT,


    Would it work to format the date as DD MMM YYYY as in 01 Apr 2013. In this way, it would neither be fully shortened and may be more acceptable to both ?


    Best of luck.


  • Could MYOB consider a way to use long date (eg 2 October 2013) instead of short date (2/10/2013) on forms.Currently only short date is able to print on invoices and this is confusing when sending invoices to USA who read the date as 10 February.  I don't want to have to reset my regional settings in computer everytime I need to send invoices to different parts of the world.

  • Status changed:
    Thanks for the great Idea Justin. We would love to hear what other users think, please keep the votes and comments coming.
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    I have the same issue when invoicing especially US based clients. The current MYOB date format causes confusion. A due date of 5 March suddenly turns into "5/03/2013" which the Americans happily interpret as 3 May 2013.

    This is not just inconvenient but costs us money.

    I would like to be able to simply change the short date format to "d mmm yyyy". Having the month unambiguously written with 3 characters i.e. "Mar" instead of "03" solves the problem.

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    I agree with the above suggestions.  Short month descriptor (01 Mar 2015) would be acceptable to get this solved in the short term.  But longer term, more control over date formats would be great.


    Another option would be to link date formats with the customer's currency.  eg, if the currency on the customer card is USD, then use mm/dd/yyyy on their invoices.