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Sales: Combine multiple orders into the one invoice

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Standard functionality in many other accounting systems that I have used is the ability to combine multiple customer Purchase Orders (POs) to a single customer invoice.


It could be as simple as adding a "Purchase Order" column in the item number table array when creating an invoice and then only allowig part numbers to be selected that are from that PO.


The reasoning being is that often customers will create mutiple POs ongoing, but want parts shipped on particular days based on demand or availability.


MYOB needs the ability to combine multiple POs to a single invoice as this is standard functionality for suppliers to autmotive, medical and larger JIT (Just In Time) organisations.


Post 2: 

Often with us, we will be sent multiple POs from our customers.

Since we are manufacturing for sale, and we have multiple operations, parts from different POs wil be ready at the same time for invoicing.


Using the current MYOB methodology, if I had 20 parts on 10 POs for a customer, I would have to print or email 10 different partial invoices.

This seems cumbersome and also precludes me from using the MYOB quote-order-invoice process.


Ideally, when creating an invoice, after a customer has been selected,  if there was a column for PO number I could select the a PO and then the associated parts linked to that PO number before creating the invoice.


This then would update each individual order with invoiced quantity and create a single amalgamated invoice.


Please consider it as a requirement as this is standard funtionality in other accounting/inventory systems I have used previously. 

Currently we are raising invoices with PO numbers as a memo comment which is a disaster waiting to happen. 


I'm sure if you sent out a poll, many MYOB customers would require this as standard funtionality. 

"Multiple Purchase oder items on a single invoice"


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    Yes I agree we Myob needs to accomodate one purchase invoice with multiple orders

  • To do this, I suggest there would have to be a separate "reciepted, but not invoiced status".  This would require separate goods reciept file. (Which could be done simultaneously with supplier invoice entry)  Then receipted items would have to be picked up and matched to supplier invoices.  

    PROCESS would be Purchase Order then Goods Receipt then Supplier Invoice matching.

  • Can I please have an update if there is a way to combine my multiple Purchase Orders (POs) to a single supplier invoice ? 


  • My feed back on the above is that to do this, a separate table will need to be created for reciepts (no supplier invoice required) and then the table for purchase invoices which pick up on the logged reciepts.  Then complications arise with dealing with variences.  For instance 10 apples reciepted at the ordered price of 50c each.  At the end of the month the invoice comes in at 55c each.  The system needs then an inventory adjustment account where these varience values get dropped into.  Currently MYOB has a very straight forward approach where orders get coverted to bills on reciept.  In order to achieve the above, the current simplicity will have to be abandoned.  Note that applications like Ostendo which link in with MYOB offer this functionality.