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8 years ago

Sales: Email - Prompt to update email address

I have just converted to the online version of MYOB and note that when emailing invoices and changing the email address I send it to, a popup no longer appears asking whether I want to save the new email address on the customer's card.  and it doesn't save.  If I go through print/email it does pop up but that route is a pain as a separate operation to email

"Prompt to update email address on card when using Enter/Edit Sales window email function"


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    Re: Emailing Invoices with new email address for version MYOB AccountRight Plus 2013.4 AU

    I have the latest version of MYOB Account Right Plus. The emailing section in sending Invoices to clients has changed and it is now not as useful in alot of ways. Before when you went to email invoices it had a drop down section with 5 lines, which you could put 5 different email addresses in it and it would remember them. Now you have the drop down section and can only tick the ones that were already int he system before the change over and can't add anymore. You can just type in the ones you want with a ; inbetween each email address but I want it to remember all email address individually so I can tick which ones I want to send to and which ones I don't. And you have to go to the card file and add the new email address now for it to remember them but they are again with a ; you can't enter them individually. It's alot more work. Please keep the box so you can now tick all or some email addresses you want to send to but have an easy add so you can add more email address to that card in the sales email box but have them individually listed so you can tick the ones you want and don't tick the ones you don't want. Please put Easy ADD to this section. thanks.

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    When sending emails (eg from within a sales invoice) in previous versions you could add another email address from that screen and be given the option to update the client card straight away. It was a single step and very handy. Now you have to go to the card and do a separate entry to make it record the additional email address. It was straight forward and simple previously, would be good to have that feature in Account Right 2016.
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      I have noticed the same thing. It doesn't allow you to select it from a drop-down list and will not send the email if you manualy type a 2nd address.