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12 years ago

Sales: Extend payment terms wording i.e. Net 7 to be 7 days

The default payment terms currently available are too short and need to be able to be customised.


For example if you choose payment within 7 days, the terms on the invoice come up as "Net 7". Is this 7 days, hours, months?


I understand you can work around this by hard typing in the invoice template or even using a comment, however my comments is working around another issue.


Any ideas?

 "Payment Terms"





  • Status changed:
    Thanks for the idea S Skinner. I can certainly understand having the terms display in whole would be a lot more helpful. We would love to hear from others on this. Please add a vote if you would like more detailed terms displayed.
  • I have voted for this, simply because I want an option like:

    "number of months after EOM" rather than number of days after EOM.

    I am tired of having to continually worry about February havong fewer days and then my payables and receiveables accounts do not show up as due at the end of the month.


    Thank you

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    Thank you for your vote and comments Farmalinx, we're always looking to improve workflow in AccountRight. I have passed your comments on to the relevant team. 

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    When terms of payments are displayed, only a number appears. 

    For example, if terms of payments are 7 days, on the number 7 appears, no "days" behind.

    This is an issue because not every customers have a 7 day account therefore I cannot enter a box with the text "days" as it is overlapped by longer term payments.

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      in the customise form field try making the terms field larger to accommodate character number


      hope that helps