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10 years ago

Sales: Increasing the invoice amount character limit

MYOB is a brilliant package with users accepting its simplicity and user friendliness. This makes it easily acceptable by many user who have little or no  accounting background at all.

We have been using this package outside Australia, the challenge comes in where the figures in amount columns of either invoice, or purchase have a limited length of 11 digits only, meaning you can only enter figures with a maximum amount of 99,999,999,999.00.


In countries where the Dollar exchange rate goes up to four digit figure, e.g AUD1 = 5,000 Foreign currency value, they will need to enter in that field an amount equals to 99,999,999,999.00 x 5,000 = 499,999,999,995,000.00 which is a total of 15 digits.


The same applies to Credit Limit field, the system does not allow Credit Limit to exceed 9,999,999.99 amount. Although this may look realistic but some companies in do hold securities for the credit offered and for bigger entities this becomes a bottleneck to using MYOB.

Again in foreign countries where the exchange rate is higher, say up to 5 digits, this feature can not be used.



1. Please increase the amount field on invoices and purchases amount column to at least 15 or 16 digits.

2. Relax the credit limit amount on both customers and suppliers to at least 12 or 13 digits.

3. Relax most of the amount fields to a reasonable field length that can accommodate the results of the amounts entered through the adjusted invoice and or purchase amounts as requested in 1 above.


I am sure this will continue to make MYOB become the most user friendly and yet very affordable product in the market to beat its rivals like Quickbooks, Tally, Pastel, etc.


We will appreciate your immediate attention on this.



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"Invoice Amount Field Length"



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    Thanks for your suggestion. I can certainly see how increasing the size of fields that hold dollar amounts could make the software more usable when working in certain currencies. Anyone who would like to see the size of amount fields increased, please cast your vote here.

  • Anyboby know how come I can only enter 10 digits meaning, USD X,XXX,XXX.XX, my invoice amount has two decimal places, therefore i can't even key in a figure around 30 million. anywhere i can change the setting?