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11 years ago

Sales: Invoice components of consolidated tax codes separately e.g. GW = WET + WEG

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Developers, can you please fix this issue? 


We have two sets of customers - 

1. Those who are charged WET + GST, consolidated to WET + WEG=GW

2. Those who are not charged WET but for whom we still have to track AND report the WET component.


Currently - in order to report correctly, we have to use GW tax codes for the customer, even if they require a GST (at 10%) invoice. I have all items calculating GW on the actual sales price because the sales price may vary, so the tax needs to vary - for example if I discount stock due to damage, then I cannot calculate on the wholesale price as the tax will end up more than the sales price. 


This would also help reporting for cost analysis. Currently the reporting only takes out the GST, not all the taxes. To be able to report them separately would make life so much easier.




"Invoice components of Consolidated tax codes separately e.g. GW = WET + WEG"


  • We need an Invoice form that breaks up the wet and Gst component.


    Customers need to see and calculate different taxes on purchases they make.


    The Taxation office also requires that the wet component is seperated from other taxes margins etc.

    I am surprised the taxation office has not asked for this yet.

  • All of my wine industry clients have issues with the invoicing and manual reporting of GST and WET Tax, particularly in the online version.   There is no easy way to customise invoices with GST And WET either.  You can't add a text box over the GST Table to only show the TAX Codes that are relevant.  Would be great to see GST 10% seperate to WET Tax 29% seperate on the invoice in right side, not through the TAX table.  Love MYOB however, it needs to improve the GST and invoice reporting of WET to cater for the wine industry better Please :)