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12 years ago

Sales: Notes field on Invoices

It would be very handy to have a free text field in the invoices, where we could make notes for followup. For example, when the invoice was sent, when it was followed up, who we spoke to etc, so that each data-entry person can keep up to date.

The invoice delivery status isn't accurate, as we always print a draft to gain approval before sending invoices, so the system thinks it's already been printed or sent, when it hasn't. 



"A 'free text' field in the invoices"


  • It would be really good if you could add in a box that notes could be added that relate to a customers particular invoice.  This box would not be something that prints out on a customers invoice, just a note for the staff to refer to regarding that invoice/job.  

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      This would be fantastic!  Perhaps even a function to attach documents to an invoice for business use, not for the client.

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      We also have similar need. Currently we print out a progress report (layout which we created in the customs forms) and hand write notes on it. We are not only wasting a lot of paper, but also spending lot of time filing, and accessing manual records. If there can be an option to make notes in the system on particular transactions, regardless what stage they are at in the process, it would automate and increase efficiency.

  • Status changed:
    We're happy to look into adding some sort of Invoice Notes section to allow this. Thank you for your suggestions to keep improving AccountRight. Other users who would like to see this added please continue to vote and comment.
  • We are really, really missing the notes section that was available in Account Edge, on both customer invoices and purchase orders. We used this function on almost every entry, to add our own internal notes and details, and are finding it really restrictive since we were forced to move over to Account Right when Apple users were abandoned. It would be amazing if this feature could be introduced to Account Right.