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11 years ago

Sales/Purchases: Convert Bill to Invoice

 I would be very happy  if there was a way where Bills could be turned into Invoices as this would save a lot of time and data entry!  I am sure everyone using Myob would welcome this type of short cut. 







  • In the future would it be possible to make and invoice directly from a purchase order as we can from invoice to purchase order.  This would save a lot of time double entering data.

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      Hi WendyMC


      Just a thought, how about memorising the Purchase Order?

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      Thank you for your feedback Wendy, how exactly would you like this to work? As the current system will only bring this up if a Purchase Order is required for the sale to be created?
  • Hi All


    We currently purchase items from one company and sell this exact purchase to another customer. The purchases are item purchases and can have over 200 items on it (the items go into inventory). Currently we then have to re key all the items into a sales invoice, very time consuming. I want to be able to poulate a sales invoice with all the items already enterred on a purchase, saving us hours in keying. Anyone out there know how to do this. Cant believe this is not possible now so please make it happen ASAP.





    "Convert Purchase to a sales invoice"

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      Hi Banz,


      While MYOB cannot do this at this time, there are many third-party developers that could automate this process for you.


      This is exactly the type of problem we specialise in.


      Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss this further.

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      Would it help to create the sales order first then once that is written up, select Create PO, to create a purchase order?

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      Hi There


      Is it possible to have a button in the Purchase window to create it into a sale? 


      I am aware of the process;

      1.doing a order for a customer then,

      2. creating a purchase order from that customer order


      just would be more conveniant to convert the purchase straight over.






  • Status changed:
    Thanks for the great idea. We would love hear from the Community what you think about this. Please keep the votes and comments coming.
  • I agree with this.


    Often there is more than 1 bill that you will need to invoice for, you should be able to create an invoice based on all lines from bills a job number has been allocated to.  Including time billing to that job.


    This way, all the details you entered on the bill are already there, much less time wasting!