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12 years ago

Sales/Purchases: Enforce duplicate invoices/purchase order numbers

This is the result of discussions on the main forum. It's also my second attempt to post, I lost the first one due to timeout (my fault really). So here's a briefer post.


I'm discussing purchase references here, but the same comment may apply to sales etc.


The problem is that the warning has been reduced to a tiny yellow triangle, adjacent to the relevant field, which doesn't appear until you tab out of the first invoice line, and doesn't display any text unless you hover on the triangle. So 1-liners will never show the warning text.


It's only a warning, so it's possible to complete the entry of your bill without ever seeing the yellow triangle, and record the bill.


This warning needs to be given more prominence somehow. In previous versions the warning appears on pressing Record. I would suggest that it should appear, with text, on tabbing out of the data field (either purchase number or bill or both, according to the preference which has been set. And it should not be  possible to record the transaction until the warning text has been accepted or cleared.  





"Enforce duplicate Reference warnings"