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10 years ago

Search: Ability to search for partial item description

We are a small business with a large volume of SKUs, and approximately 30,000 line items. We can't remember all the product descriptions so the ability to search within a description string is quite essential. Xero and Sassu both search the entire description whereas MYOB requires you to enter the exact description. This is a real pain to generate item based invoices.

For example:


Product Description: Dark Blue Shirt


For MYOB you must search: "Dark" to bring this item up as an option, whereas you should be able to search for "blue".


MYOB retailmanager allows asterisk and question mark wildcard operators (ie *blue*) to search for a string within a string. At the very least Accountright should be able to offer this search functionality. I can't image it would be difficult.


The same search functionality would be useful for Customer, supplier and pretty much any other searchable field.


We will not be able to migrate invoicing to MYOB until this feature is enable or a suitable work-around (ie wildcards) is provided.

"Improved search functionality for searching within item description"