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12 years ago

Setup: Ability to sort columns in windows

MYOB clearly uses a common tool for displaying lists (such as selection lists for accounts and cards) and reports.


It badly needs a column sort tool.  It is usually done by making each heading a link that sorts by this column.  Click it again, it sorts the other way.


All columns of the report should be sortable in an order appropriate to the content - numeric data, dates, text.


This would make it much easier to find amounts in reports and to analyse the largest/smallest numbers in long reports.


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    The big sort issue at the moment is the 'Count Inventory' after doing stock take.


    Silly that it give the option to sort by item name rather than Item Number. Even the new AccountRight Live is the same. I would have thought that this function is a priority when doing lists !!

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    "Silly that it give the option to sort by item name rather than Item Number" The real sillinesses are these: * The developers have tried to guess what you might want to sort by; * And they code sorting for each report individually rather than building it into the framework so it is universal. However, it is not too late. They could get the school holiday work experience kid to fix it for the next release. I would pay for that.
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    Hi Everyone

    AccountRight 2016 allows for values to be sorted in most windows. This is done by selecting the column header of the chosen window or list. For example the Card list you can sort according to the Overdue column.