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10 years ago

Setup: Increase Column Sizes

Is it possible you guys can do something about the sizes of the columns in the MYOB software? Everything is, by default (and unchangeable I might add), STILL set to the same size as when we all used to use the 17" 4:3 CRT monitors.


Don't know about you guys, but I've been using a 16:9 monitor for years now, and MYOB REALLY needs to update their software so we can get wider columns.


The times when I find this most relevant is under Find Transactions>Card, then under the card name, the "memo" column isn't wide enough. I need to be able to widen that column to find the job description.


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    What version are you running?


    I believe in 2014.3 the columns are adjustable, however if you are on V19, this is most certainly not a good reason to update! Everything else is worse.

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    Hi Aaronp,


    I am running V19.9.  Thanks for the heads up!!!


    If updating is a bad idea just to get adjustable column sizes when everything else is worse, I'll stick with what I've got and hopefully the programme developers will do something about it to fix the problem.

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    You might consider downloading the new version and try it for yourself. Not all users have the same experience. Of course there are issues, but they may/may not be relevant to your business or affect your use of the program.

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    From what I understand, a lot of functions were removed in the versions released after Preimier. I don't know why. Maybe MYOB can explain. I've struck a few annoying problems like not being able to scroll down suppliers or account numbers but overall it works well for me.

  • Hi Kelly81 


    Glad to read that the new AccountRight is working well for you. The new platform was completely built from scratch - our development team needed to change the software's architecture to allow online functionality. If there's ever functionality from the classic platform that hasn't yet been added to the new platform and you do miss, please feel free to let us know.


    All the best,

    Jason Hill
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    I've mentioned them on the idea exchange but it could be a long time before we see them fixed. As the others have said above in the idea exchange  there are also quite a few functionality changes that haven't been addressed yet and its a couple of years now since it was changed. What worries me is it is likely to be a very long time before they do get addressed. One for example I've mentioned is the fact you can't scroll down through the names in the drop down lists you have to use page up/ page down or manually click on the scroll bar with the left mouse button and drag the mouse down.


    EDIT =

    It is quite possible that MYOB is losing a lot of customers because of the functionality changes and the fact they are not being addressed in a timely fashion.


    I also observe that MYOB is lagging behind it's opposition in terms of quicken/ quickbooks. I often see other forum members mentioning on the idea exchange that other software providers do it but MYOB doesn't. This to would be a turn off.


    Before people take on new software they look at all the options (and downfalls) and what other users are finding. For example my dad looked at MYOB but was totally turned off by all the bad user experiences and no doubt many others are finding the same thing. One of the first places people will look is the community forums.


    I'm not against MYOB in fact I quite like the AR software but there are things that need to be addressed.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    AccountRight 2016 allows for the columns to be resized for windows. This can be done by hovering the cursor over the column heading and dragging the respective column header to the required size.