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11 years ago

Taxable Payments: Tick box to nominate if transaction is reportable



I have successfully completed and lodged the TPAR and have a few suggestions for future MYOB updates -

1.  Reviewing Taxable Payments -

Rather than have to document separately during the year, or try and remember at the end of the Financial Year, whether each Invoice from each Supplier is Materials only, or includes Labour - I suggest when entering the original Invoice in Purchases, there should be a "tick box", where you nominate whether or not that invoice is to be included in the Taxable Payments Annual Report or not. 

2. Why do I have to tick each Supplier to be included in the Taxable Payments Annual Report, and the report lists every single Supplier, many with $0 values, as I have not dealt with them during the Financial Year, and so are not relevant to this report.  Can the report list only the relevant Suppliers, and then I can just "Tick All"?


"Taxable payments annual report"


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    Hi Everyone

    AccountRight 2016 allows for the user to select whether a transaction is reportable or not when recording the transaction. This option appears underneath the Supplier section field.

    For more information into reporting taxable payments in AccountRight 2016 please see Help Article: Reporting taxable payments