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11 years ago

Time Billing: Multiple activity rates for employees

Small businesses need to have multiple time billing rates for each employee.  At the moment we are restricted to only one.   It would be great if it can be increased to a minimum of 5.


I have multiple businesses which require this facillity.  The Managing Director has different charge out rates to the employees and there are multiple activities that everyone works on for their clients.  Currently we need to duplicate the activity for each employee with a different charge out rate and hope that each employee uses the correct activity (with their correct charge out rate attached).  


The likelyhood of errors is very high and it can become rather confusing for employees as well.


I look forward to seeing this in the very near future.


"Need multiple time billing rates per employee"


  • Status changed:
    Thank you for your suggestion, interaccounts. To see the demand for this type of option, it would be great to see some votes from the community showing their support for this idea.
  • I agree with your need for different charge out rates. I would be MOST beneficial to have that ability.


  • I agree.  Please try to add this feature it is needed. 

  • Thanks for commenting, MaryJ. If you'd like to see this added please remember to vote on the idea as well.

  • It would be beneficial if you could assign mutiple pay / bill rates per job or activity.  I have several empoyees who work for different customers, that need to be paid one rate and charged another.  It is not always the same employee that I send out, so it needs to be customer specific.

    Eg: J. Smith works for ABC contracting as a Labourer he gets paid 24 for normal, 36 for time + half etc and charged out 33 for normal and 47 for time + half. The follwong week I send J. Bloggs to ABC for the same task and therefore the same pay/ charge.

    ABC Contracting may then want a carpenter from me, on a whole different set of rates.  
    I dont think AccountRight Plus can do this.


    If it can, I'd love some help.

  • I just wrote a lengthy reply and I got  ticket mismatch error... that might be another one to add to the fix it list...


    • There are too many additional factors for most billable items that I can't see the customer charge rate being relevant to most users
    • It would be good if a list of combinations (employee, activity and rate) could be saved to the job card. Allowing you to replicate the same combination each month and just input the time unit completed.
    • Once the combination is determined for a job it is unlikely to change so it makes sense to save it.
    • If the combination rate did change there is likely to be associated paper to acknowledge the agreement so you may as well start a new job card anyway.
    • Having to recreate the combinations on each job card isn't a big deal as this solution would be saving you so much time and input.
    • A list with combinations from every job would be totally impractical and this is obviously why you haven't done it, but at the specfic job level it makes a lot of sense.
    • The cost rate isn't that relevant as most of our employees are on a fixed salary or they are contractor who submits an invoice and we've already raised a PO as a cost of sale. It would be pretty rare for an employees cost to change per job and activity. If it did you would be more like to agree to a percentage of the billables rather than a unit rate.

    I would like to add at least 5 more votes on behalf my colleagues!