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10 years ago

Time Billing: Multiple Activity Slips - Delete line

In my haste to enter I often find that I start a line I dont need..................


Then I cannot delete it 


If I try to record the entries I have completeed with a line with only a date in it it comes up with


you have entered very little information do you still wish to record it


I answer yes please


It then doesnt and we start again


You cant erase the line through edit as it has no record of the line as it isnt recorded


so I have to make up a dummy line record it then go back and delete it


Can this please be rectified




"entering multiple time billing entries"


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    Thank you for your suggestion kyralee  You can delete a line added in error before recording an invoice by right clicking it and selecting 'delete line.'

  • I am talking about entering multiple lines on time billing not invoices

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    Hi kyralee 

    Thanks for the further information into your idea. Currently if you accidentally key to a line that is unoccupied it will populate that line and it is unable to be deleted. You would have to record it as a zero dollar activity slip. 

    I would encourage other users that would like to see a feature where you can delete individual lines in the Enter Multiple Activity Slips window to vote and comment if required.

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    Agree - this can be very frustrating.  The ability to delete (like you can on invoices) would be great.