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11 years ago

User Access: Restrict access to certain bank accounts

We have a number of bank accounts, some which I would like to make accessable to other Users, and some to be kept secure.  Would it be possible to set up a choice of banks which users could have access.  For example, wouldn't like the Payroll Bank account to be accessed, but Petty Cash could be.

"User ID Bank Register access"


  • Status changed:
    Thank you for your suggestion, this is something we might be able to look into adding into a future update, to get an idea on the demand for this feature, please remember to vote on this idea to show your support.
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    It would be very beneficial to put security on a Bank Account. e.g. We have 3 or more different Bank Accounts set up in MYOB but our Accounts assistant is only to see 1 of these accounts. I need to be able to stop the Assistant from selecting the other accounts and viewing the transactions in the other bank accounts.

  • Was there any developments on this one from 2014? We have a similar dilema where we do not want certain users to see the main bank account that contains wages to all employees, but wish for them to have access to other accounts to reconcile invoice payments.

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    I have the same issue as AccelAir, I wish to restrict certain users from certain bank accounts due to confidential wage information.