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2 years ago

Annual Leave Owing Report in Dollar Value

Please produce a report that shows annual leave liabilites in dollar value, this is espeically important at the financial year end. Having it in hours is not helpful to an external accountant, as the report essentially doesn't give them any information. We were using Ace Payroll before we moved to MYOB Essentials and their "Leave Owing Report" had the Days Owing, Daily Rate and the Amount for each employee, with a Total Holiday Pay Owing for the company at the bottom.


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    Thank you for your suggestion and welcome to the MYOB Community Forum. Your ideas and feedback are greatly appreciated. We'll relay your idea/feedback to the relevant team

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    Apparently this report is on the new platform, but you have to have a Business Pro subscription.  It is not included in standalone Business Payroll.  Clients should not have to subscribe to an accounting package they will not use in order to access this report.

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    Hi Chamlang 


    Thank you for your post, I'd like to extend you a warm welcome to the Community Forum, I hope you find it a valuable resource.


    Just to add to what Jacqui_M stated, this report is now only available through the Business Pro membership. To access this report, you must have an active subscription to Business Pro. But we appreciate your suggestions, Rest assured that we'll relay your request/ideas to the relevant team. and hoping that this feature will be available not only for Business Pro subscribers in the future. 


    Feel free to post again if you need further assistance in the future.