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7 years ago

Bank transactions: Ability to add quantities

Hi not sure if I have asked for this before

In banklink you have quantities which can be used for live animal ie sheep and cattle when buying and selling them - this then when transferred over into the accountants program shows the total of the purchases and sales. 

Also in banklink when buying diesel you can input the quantities and in the BAS calculation worksheet it has the diesel rebate prices available to use to calcualate the rebate which then transposes into the BAS

As Banklink is now owned by MYOB we were led to believe that Essentials will be able to do all the features that it does. Can you advise if this is going to happen as we were promised by numerous staff at conventions over the 2 years that it would happen.




  • The Spend Money function in MYOB Essentials should have a Quantity field.


    This would be especially useful for entering UPCs where a client has purchased cattle or fuel, where it is necessary to enter the number of  head/litres purchased.

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      Yes but where does the quantity amount appear in any reports? Certainly  not the general ledger. 

  • Would be good if there was an option on the Allocate me screen to enter in the quantities of livestock sale or purchases alongside the account that the transaction is coded too.  Rather than having to drill down and enter the quantities on the detail screen.

  • Bankfeeds that come into Banklink Include Analysis Coding for Cheques and Quantites are prepopulated by the bankfeed from suppliers like Farmlands. It would be great to see these two small features returned into Essentials as I find many Clients are requestion this feature.


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