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12 years ago

Bank transactions: Delete individually imported added statement transaction

I can't see a way to delete bank transactions. My concern here is where we have uploaded a bank transaction for the period prior to Liveaccounts bank feed commencing.


I understand we can delete the entire import, but it not possible to delete just one transaction from the manual upload.


"Delete Bank Transactions"


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    I'm trialling Essentials and think it's a great product. But the fact that you can't delete an imported bank transaction other than by deleting the whole batch and editing the QIF and reimporting is really frustrating. Ditto the idea of having to get customer service to delete something if I set up bank feeds. I can understand that maybe there's a technical reason why a whole import needs to be processed before changes can be made but once an a transaction is in the system, you should be able to delete it. If you can edit other details of the transaction, I don't see why it can't be deleted. This is a product for small businesses and sole traders and I think it's pretty rare for any small business not to occasionally have a transaction where they paid for a personal expense on their business credit card etc. Having to check my QIF file before importing is pretty retro. I have never used an accounting or personal finance product where transactions couldn't be deleted before.


    I really hope you change this feature and allow deletion of transactions for imported transactions. Otherwise, I think it's a really good product. The allocation rules etc have definitely made processing my transactions faster than the desktop version I was using.

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      Hi MelS71


      We do not allow deleting individual bank statement lines because this means you will never be able to reconcile your bank account (i.e. have the accounting system record the same balance for your bank account to what your actual bank statement says).


      You should talk to your accountant or bookkeeper for the correct way to record personal transactions.


      Regards Paul

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      Further to the issue of not being able to delete individual lines of an imported qif file, what can be done to remove lines that have been imported twice in error (ie first import say 1st to 20th September and the second lot 18th to 30th September)?  Apart from deleting the entire import (which has all been allocated apart from overlap) is there a solution?



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      Thank you for your enquiry, Minkey.


      In this instance you will need to delete one of the imported bank files with the overlapping dates. As explained above, there is unfortunately no option to delete parts of the imported file. 


      I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused by this. 

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    Although I don't use Live Accounts, from my experience with creating electronic bank files (ABA's), the concept here is that the file must contain the exact number of transactions as you originally intended to pay. I.E. if you discover an error or duplication with your aba file, you need to manually delete the whole file and recreate it with only the correct ones.