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11 years ago

Bank transactions: Don't load full year's worth of transactions

This is only a little gripe only, but may be easily fixed.

We have been lucky enough to grow our business over this last year, and this has led to quite a large number of Bank Transactions over the year mounting up.

Because of this, I have noticed that if I select the Bank Transaction option, it loads all accounts, for the full year, and I need to wait for a little while before they all load up to display. I can do nothing in the interim but wait.

In nearly every case, I only need to see a single month at the most, and usually only one Bank Account at a time.

Just wondering if, like in so many other cases in MYOB essentials, the system could wait for me to choose the options before displaying?

I don't mind it selecting the full year and all Bank Accounts, as that may be of use to other Users, but I would find it helpful if it did not dive straight in to do that. Is it possible to have it wait till the Update button is clicked?




"Banking Transaction Report"

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    Hi everyone,


    Thank you all for your interest in this idea. 


    Our developers had taken a different approach for this problem, the new Bank Transactions interface takes a lot less time to load large number of transactions compared to the old Bank Transactions. It now also remembers the last search criteria when you go to Bank Transactions, instead of defaulting to list all bank transactions for all bank accounts.