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7 years ago

Bank transactions: Filter by account or amount

Hi Guys, 


Love your work. My suggestion is to add some more filter options to your banking screen. So that you can filter your search results by different bank accounts or with different amounts. Not just a date range and word search. Also if it could tell you the number of transactions found in the search results and also the total value amount for that search. 

Thanks in advance for your consideration. 


  • You can currently filter by bank account from the Bank Transactions screen; and the search box can be used to search numerical values. The total value of a search result may be able to be done using the General Ledger Detail report - depending on what you're searching for.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    Bank transactions allow users to filter by certain bank accounts, by allocated or not, date range and by amount. Check out the MYOB Essentials Blog Article: Switch to a better banking experience for more information.