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10 years ago

Bank transactions: Hide notes for reporting purposes

I have just started to use the "notes" feature when allocationg bank transactions.  I have a remote client and I find this a convenient way of getting queries answered.  Basically I add a note with the query under the transaction, let him know to log in at his end and he answers my queries with responding notes.

However I now find out that I need to delete these notes before printing any reports that contain these transactions because the notes also print.

As a Bookkeeper/BAS Agent I thought this was a brilliant feature because everything it documented for further reference if needed in the future, but I do not think the Accountant or any other 3rd party would find the notes very professional.  Therefore I then have to go though each note and delete it.

Is there a way in the future we can keep these notes private as such unless needed.



Julie Kinniff


"notes attached to banking transactions"


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    Hi JulieK, it's now April 2017 and I have the opposite requirement - I've carefully added notes to many bank transactions, but so far I haven't found any report that includes the notes, such as the GL detail report. Maybe the report designs have changed since 2014. Could Steven_M comment?

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    Hi JulieK, Steven_M, looking at this again, what I have done is add or change text in the (line) "description" field in some cases,  as opposed to adding notes, so I'm not using the same field. (This is after importing a qif file bank statement from last year, as I don't have bank feeds set up yet).


    So what happens is that the (header) description of the imported bank transaction becomes the text of the Notes (header) field of the Receive Money transaction, and the text entered in the LINE description of the bank transaction appears in the line description of the Receive Money transaction, but is not reported anywhere. (Only the Notes field appears in the GL detail report).


    Can I request that line descriptions be included in GL reports?



  • Hi Mike_James


    My understanding it that adding notes to a Bank Transaction is generally an internal note, such as JulieK has pointed out for Advisers to ask clients for more information or the other way around. This is why it does appear only appear on the General Ledger report as this is generally an internal report, as oppose to a Balance Sheet or Profit & Loss to which can be published to the other parties.


    In terms of changing the reporting so that the line description is included in the General ledger reports. To my knowledge we don't have any current plans to change the General Ledger Report in MYOB Essentials to pull the allocation description. As you have mentioned it will pull the Notes field on the transaction, which if allocated by a bank transaction will be the bank transaction description.

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