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9 years ago

Bank transactions: Import statement - ability to import csv files

"replace qif with csv re importing bank transactions"


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    Hi NatMcM


    Thank you for your idea in regards to MYOB Essentials and importing bank transactions.

    Currently MYOB Essentials does allows for QIF files to be import as bank transactions rather that CSV . However I would encourage other users that you would like to see CSV files being able to be imported to vote and comment if required for this idea..

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    I agree there needs to be more options rather than just QIF to import. 


    You need to think that some clients may send you the import in CSV/excel as we operate remotely and having access to their bank account details they may not feel comfortable with.


    CSV importing would be excellent and you provide a template on how the data should be presented so it imports correctly.



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    Please add CSV option in importing bank transaction

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    Don't replace it.  I use QIF all the time!



  • Given Accountants Office uses the .csv function to import transactions I would have expected the same functionality to be available in all MYOB products; indeed it is extrememy disappointing that this is not the case!

  • I couldn't agree more with others. It is so frustrating and disappointing to manually type in all the spend, simply because MYOB won't allow importing of CSV file bank feeds. It costs our small business a day of a staff member day to enter it manually. MYOB is supposed to save time. At the moment we have half as bank feeds and half not. Messy. We are considering now to swap to QuickBooks as it does it imports the CSV fine. This requirement is an expectation and need not a 'nice to have' feature. Extremely disappointing it doesn't support it.

    Also can you believe after 9 years of this being raised this is still an issue! Not much hope that this would be resolved. Makes you wonder where the money for this subscription is going if this simple issue can not be resolved!