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11 years ago

Bank transactions: Show bank balance on screen


After using Business Basics for many years I would like to see the current bank account balance displayed on the actual Essentials Bank Transactions screen, rather than having to print a Bank Transactions report every time or looking at the balance on the Dashboard.


This feature in Business Basics was great to visually see the bank account balance on screen and know where you were at during anytime.


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"Display Balance on Bank Transactions Screen"


  • Feedback from Partners is that COnnected Ledger would benefit from having Bank balances showing ( as it is in Essentials )

  • I need to see running balance in my bank and credit card accounts.

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    Try using the anz go money app. It gives you live data of what goes in and out of your bank accounts on your smart phone, anytime of the day. You can even make transfers and pay bills from various accounts to anyone.

  • It greatly improve efficency for Accountants for the Banking screen to have runnign bank account balances