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12 years ago

Bank transactions: Show split values of transaction

Hi LiveAccounts team,


I was wondering if we could get the ability to drill down into a split transaction from the bank transactions screen....At the moment when you click on the transaction all you see is that is it matched and it still only says split transaction - there needs to be an easier way to quickly see how the transaction was allocated.  I realise you can go into transaction history screen but you need to change screens, find the transaction just to look at it and then go back which is quite time consuming.  I have attached a screen print but if you would like more information please just contact me.


Thank you kindly,

Debra Anderson


"Drill down into split banking transactions"


  • Hi I manage an NGO trust and I need to allocate transactions across multiple funders. Splitting is an awesome idea. 

  • I just registered so I could suggest this idea - I'm also having the same problem of not being able to see the split allocations

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    Thank you all for your votes and comments.


    With the new Bank Transactions, you can now view how the bank transaction was split, simply by clicking on 'Split across transactions' from the Allocate or Match column, and view more details without switching to a new page.