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10 years ago

Bank transactions: Transfer - Auto-populate manually create transfer transaction

If I transfer money from one account to another and it comes up in a bank feed,


When I press the option to allocate it to a transfer between accounts,

and then manually create an entry, i wish the amount would be pre-entered into the form.


I always have to go back, look at the amount, write it down and then go to manually enter the transfer again.


Massive pain.


"Record a transfer between accounts"


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     I have commented on this error at least twice, and keep checking back on occasions to see if anything has happened with it, but no, nothing.




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    Transfer money also doesent work properly with matching transactions with a linked bank account feed.


    It looks like it is tyring to work but then always gives an error message that provides no help on sorting the problem.

    You need to unselect the matched transaction, then save that action, then go back in again select the same transaction and it is happy.


    This has been happening month after month. I have commented on it a number of times in the forum.

    When can someone look at this obvious anoying error?

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    It would be great if MYOB Essentials could add a 'Transfer' rule when creating bank rules for automatic matching of transfers between accounts.  Xero has this functionality, why hasn't MYOB?

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    When selecting Transfer money from a bank transaction and needing to create a new transfer money transaction the Date, Bank account from and amount are automatically populated for you.