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8 years ago

Contacts: Multiple contact email address

Hi there


I have customers that use OCR technology to read my invoices and statements.  Unfortunately, invoices are sent to one address and statements are to be emailed to another address.

Perhaps allow for 3 email addresses in the Contact form

- Primary Contact email address

- Invoice email address

- Statement email address


"Multiple email addresses for Contacts"


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    Hi there John_Davis,


    Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum. We do hope you find it a valuable resource.


    Thanks for the fantastic suggestion - I'm sure the option to set specific e-mail addresses for invoices and statements is a feature a lot of clients would benefit from having in the software.


    Just in the case other clients who stumble across this idea weren't aware, I just wanted to quickly mention that MYOB Essentials does allow you to store multiple e-mail addresses for your contacts. If you click into a contact under Contacts > View Contacts, you should see that they have an 'Email (To)' field under the 'Primary contact' heading, as well as an 'Email' field under the 'Additional email addresses' heading. If you've got multiple e-mail addresses to add as an 'Additional email address', you should find that multiple Email fields appear after you enter in the first email address.


    In terms of sending your invoices and statements, the 'Email (To)' address is set to be the predominant one for invoices and statements. The additional addresses are listed as a 'Cc' when sending invoices only - you only have the option to send statements using the 'Email (To)' address. This does mean that you could use the Email (To) field as your statement e-mail address, and the 'Additional email address' as your invoice address - although you will need to move the invoice e-mail address from the 'Cc' field to the 'To' field when e-mailing your invoices. Having said that, I understand this might not be the most viable workaround for clients.


    Anyone else who would like to see specific fields to set invoice and statement e-mail addresses, please vote by clicking on the thumbs up icon.





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    Hi Everyone

    Multiple email addresses can be added for a contact record. These additional email addresses are added in the additional email addresses in the Contact window and would be CCed when you emailed the contact.