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7 years ago

Create bill: Approval by manager/other user

It will be a good idea for manager to have access to MYOB to look at the invoices and approve them.  Perhaps they can only look the in- tray and leave a comment  either approved or disappoved. Only approved invoices will go to the purchases register. 




"Approval of supplier invoices by managers"


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    I would like to see this also in MYOB AccountRight unless I am missing something and it already exists? With the proposed direct payments straight from product I would think approvals will become vitally important.

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    As external bookkeepers for clients we would like to see a feature added to Bills where there is an opportunity for tracked approvals before bills are uploaded into the bank by way of ABA. Competitor products have features where bills can be created as a draft by the bookkeeper and then approved by a second person (the business manager/owner. There would need to be an audit trail so that it is transparent who has approved the invoice and ideally there would be user access controls which enable only certain users to approve bills. This features would be useful for invoices and payroll as well but our priority is for it to be available for Bills.