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5 months ago

Employer PAYE/DED Tax Report

Hi,  several compliants but the main two are:


- Can changes please occur around August September!!!  Forced change in systems that you have worked in for 8 years just before Christmas is terrible.


- Second Employer PAYE/DED Tax Reporting is terrible now.  I don't want to print of yearly every time I do the month report to pay.  The old way was so much better - can we have the monthly report brought back please.  There is alot of discussion about this in the messages too.

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  • Hi Deb0405,


    Thank you for your valuable feedback regarding the employer's PAYE/DED Tax Report, and we apologize for the late response. We understand your concerns about the timing of system changes and the functionality of employer PAYE/DED tax reporting. We acknowledge that the transition period can be challenging, especially when it coincides with busy periods such as the end of the year. We also understand your preference for the monthly report format for the employer's PAYE/DED Tax Report.


    Your feedback is crucial for us to improve our services and products. We will surely relay your concerns to the relevant team for consideration. We are constantly working on improving our systems based on user feedback and needs.


    Additionally, we will move this post to our product ideas board. This platform is regularly reviewed by our developers and plays a significant role in shaping future updates.


    If there's anything else we can assist you with, please don't hesitate to reach out.