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2 years ago

In Tray and Bank Transactions: Suggested matches and other improvements

We use the In Tray copiously and match transactions to payments wherever possible.

Usually this is to transactions that have come in from the bank.


Bank transactions view


I'd love to see an indicator beside a bank line where there's a suggested match from the In Tray.

This suggested match could be based on the date and value extracted from the file. Similar to old Essentials.

If certainty is 98%+ I'd like those attachments to be attached without user input.

Clicking the suggestion icon could immediately link the attachment to this transaction.


Bank lines with attachments have an icon already. Clicking this icon could open a modal preview of the attachment, its OCR details, and a button to immediately "un-link" the attachment(s). Effectively as an un-do for the one-click or automated attachment methods noted above.


Areas that could be improved:

The "View" link opens a new window with a download prompt. A modal preview or new tab to web-view rather than download would be much faster for us.


The In Tray picker is sorted by file upload date, probably the least useful option. It'd be more helpful to sort it with suggested matches at the top, highlighted, then the rest by effective date with those dates that are relevant to the transaction above others.


The In Tray picker is a radio button but it needs to be a checkbox allowing multiple selections.


When an attachment is linked to a bank line, it can only be downloaded or unlinked. A View option in a modal or new window would be preferable.


In Tray view:

If suggested matches are re-implemented, the apparently matching bank line (showing date, value, and a truncated description; when clicked show full details in a tooltip) could be added under the relevant file row, with a button to immediately Attach the item and remove it from the In Tray view.



In essence I miss suggested matches! And making it easier to pair evidence with transactions would be very helpful.