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2 years ago

Increase Item column widith

Hi All,


I have just changed from AR to Buniness Plus and in Items the item column is not big enough, can it be increased to at least 20 characters please.

Regards Barry.




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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi Asnbarry 


    Thank you for sharing your feedback. 


    Your concern is duly noted and we valued and appreciate you bringing this to us. We will relay your suggestion/feedback to the relevant team. We will make sure to provide communications and keep you updated on newly released feature.




  • This request has been asked many times.  As you use MYOB Business Plus, you will find a lot of things frustrating.  Just keep asking like the rest of us do!

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    Hi colleenWatson 


    Please accept our apologies for this issue. And thank you so much for getting back to us and providing updates on this. 


    Your feedback and suggestions are important to us, to provide an excellent service. And we appreciate your patience and understanding to this topic/issue, Rest assured that this has been brought to the attention of the appropriate team. 


    If you need further assistance in the future please feel free to post again. We're happy to assist you. 


    Best Regards, 



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    "Your feedback and suggestions are important to us"

    I'd like a $1 for everytime a mod/bot writes this...

  • I feel after emailing and talking to MYOB we will never get new software as it has been many months now.

    They also cannot get simple problems fixed of sending the account to the correct buniness?