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2 years ago

Invoice Template customisation

Frustrated with the inability for online Essentials to use our existing templates successfully (contact company name won't display) - there are too many limitations on the customisable template available online -
- remove QR code (or reduce in size dramatically)
- remove hyperlink to view online
- enlarge the box for EFT bank details (our company name and bank name go across 2 lines)

- PO number appears larger than invoice number
- payment terms - ability to have the payment terms - eg 60 days in writing as well as the date

- additional lines in address to be able to have attention: Accounts Payable (or whatever our customer might require)

- Custom notes box which can feature a seasonal greeting, discount greeting, info about credit card fees etc


very frustrating experiences when working remotely and being unable to actually work seamlessly because of MYOB


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