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2 months ago

Setting Correct Invoice Templates

We have customers who may receive an item sale, service sale or time & billing sale depending on the transaction.

We have customised invoice templates for each of these formats.

But how can I set the correct printed form to be used for each sales type?


If you pick a form, and then change the sales type, the selected form disappears for the previous sale type.


Staff have been incorrectly sending invoices out using the plain paper option, which looks terrible.  Are they going to have to select the form type every time?


I would ideally like to delete these plain paper options so that all that is remaining is our customised templates, but I can't even see how to do that.  This is a really terrible system.



  • Hi SDuddy,

    To customize different invoice layouts in MYOB AccountRight, you'll need to do it manually each time an invoice is generated. Alternatively, you can consider following Gavin's solution, though it's important to note that this method only supports one invoice type.

    As for setting up custom invoice layouts, MYOB AccountRight doesn't offer direct functionality to automate different layouts based on invoice types. You can create multiple custom layouts manually and select the appropriate one each time you create an invoice. Alternatively, explore third-party integrations or advanced customization options to achieve more automated solutions.


    Feel free to post again, we're happy to help!

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    Hi SDuddy,


    Thanks for your post.


    If you need to select the correct form of invoice, you will need to do it manually every time an invoice has been made. To do this. once an invoice has been created, click on Send To > Email > Selected Form. Please see screenshot below.



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      So every time we get a new staff member, I have to remember to tell them to pick the right kind of invoice template because the software has no capacity to store the correct preference?

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        Hi SDuddy 


        In Accountright, the only preference you can set is on the Customer Card > Selling Details tab - however this allows for only one invoice type, you cannot set a custom invoice for different invoice layouts.


        If no preference is set for a customer, MYOB will use the last used setting under Advanced Filters on the Print/Email invoice screen.




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    I use MYOB essentials and was pretty pleased to see i can use different templates for different types of work, i.e. service calls or other.  During invoicing though - how the heck can I select the right type of invoice - it always defaults to the default template - and you need t ogo in and change the default settings first ?  Surely at invoice creation time I can just select the appropriate template ??

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      Hi RossY


      I get why you want to avoid extra steps when picking the right template. The application lets you choose the template right before you print or send the email. The template selection option doesn’t show up while you create the invoice, but it appears when you're ready to print or email it. I've attached some screenshots for you.

      Feel free to start a new thread if you need any more help!