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3 years ago

Invoices: Activity - Open and emailed

THis was a feature previously and meant that we could see from the 'invoices' screen which invoices had been sent to the customer and which hadn't.


Also the navigation from an existing invoice back to the list of invoices is impossible, if I use the back arrow my invoices that had previously been filetered by customer and/or status are no longer filtered.


"Allow invoice status 'open and emailed'"


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    Please bring back the column showing 'emailed/sent' on the invoices screen.  It was an easy way to see if invoices had been sent out or not without having to open each individual invoice.  Also please bring back the filter of 'open and sent' on the invoices screen to search what has been sent but not paid.

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    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials will have the activity status of "Viewed" if it has been viewed by the recipient. Should it have not been viewed yet that status will show as "Emailed". Note: This is alongside the status of the invoice i.e. Open, Closed or Credit.