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9 years ago

Invoices: Retain search criteria

When I am in the invoice list and perform a search say by customer and then open one of the displayed invoices and go back to the invoice list screen again I must perform the search again. It would be great if when I went back the previous search was held and the same results presented again.


'Save search criteria when moving between screens on invoice list"



  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone 

    Thank you all for your feedback and voting for this idea.

    As mentioned by iampeter, when you are in Invoices window you can now search for a value, select an invoice and go back to the Invoice window with the same search results.

    Once again thank you all for showing your support for this idea.

  • Steven_M


    Hi Steven,


    It is good that it remembers the search filter, but it does not remember the sort order.


    This seems to be a problem in Essentials where it always forgets this.  The one exception in the Bank Feed window.


    Could MYOB have it also remember the sort order and filter in every list window.