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11 years ago

Search: Retain search criteria on the Invoice page

When searching for a customer Invoice in "All" invoices open screen which then brings up all Invoices under that customer you then click on a Invoice you want to open. Once opened, you then want to look at another Invoice under the same customer but when u "click back" ALL Invoices are listed again and you need to search for that customer again rather than just leaving the searched customer invoice listing on previous screen. This process or searching has to be completed each time you want to search Invoices from a specific customer rather than leaving customer search on previous screen.


"Invoice search - retain search terms"


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                             From you question posted , If you are trying to view the list of orders/invoices for a particular customer you may try this :

    From the command centre click into sales > sales register > search by -customer > choose the customer > give the date range .

    The system will generate all that has been recorded in MYOB for that customer , each time you click into the arow and view the actual invoice or order and exit it , MYOB will still remember what you have seached and continue to stay on the same page , Thus allowing you to work on all other orders or quotes.


    You may also perform the similar search through Find Transactions and search by card .



  • Joshi I hear what you are saying but your method only works for desktop versions (which is far more advanced that Live Accounts)


    I agree with the original poster of the request. MYOB Live Accounts (Essentials) is very basic and to be honest quite frustrating compared to the normal desktop AccountRight Plus versions. 


    I agree it takes extra time having to go back & forth & searching the item again because it loses the history you just requested.


    Big thumbs up request to please look into this from me!!


    Being able to add a Find Transactions searchable function like the desktop version would save a lot of time & save errors. Currently if you enter in spend money it is proving quite difficult to find said item quickly. The desktop version shows all transactions of the supplier/card/account etc regardless of how they were processed. Please look to add this also!

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    "Right click, open in new tab" is what I do to get around the sloppy coding. 

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    Love to see a Browser back button !!!!! 


    Eg search for invoices under a name Mr ABCD,  3 x Mr ABCD Invoices found,  enter/click into the incorrect invoice & you have to re enter search criteria to be able to go back and look into the other invoices one at at time.






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      Hi Majic

      Just wondering if you are aware that you can open each invoice in a new browser tab?  Just hold the control key down when clicking on the invoice and it will open in a new tab, leaving your original search available in the original tab.

      Hope this helps.

      Have a great day!



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    I have just posted this idea myself tonight,  hopefully this will get resolved soon! 


    SonicSecurity thanks for the tip I will have to try this

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    Status changed:

    Thank you for your suggestion. I can certainly see how it would be useful for search information to be retained when clicking back to the invoice list. Anyone else who would like to see this, please cast your vote here.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    The search criteria on the Invoices page will be retained for the session or until the field has been cleared.