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8 months ago

Multiple Shipping Addresses for 1 Customer

We need to be able to set up a customer account with the ability to have multiple shipping addresses/locations. At the moment essentials only allows one billing and one shipping address. For example the company may have head office in one state but multiple locations around the country. 


  • Hi sapphirelinen,


    Thank you for reaching out to us and for your feedback regarding the request to add multiple shipping addresses to the customer card file. We appreciate your input, and we understand the importance of this feature to your business workflow. While we do not have this feature available at the moment, please be assured that we are taking your comments seriously and will forward them to our product development team for consideration in future updates. While we cannot provide a specific timeline for when this feature might be added, we would like you to know that we are continuously improving our system to provide the best experience for our customers.


    Thank you for your understanding.




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      Hi, when will this put in place? Our business requires to ship multiple addresses under one company.